Kubera: Season 2, Chapter 19

Surprise! Finally, we’ve caught up to the raws! 😀 Happy reading, everyone!

From now on, for Kubera, you can expect a schedule like ToG.
Sometime within a week, and before the next raw release.

On another note, now that we’ve caught up, we’ll also be focusing on some of the earlier chapters and revising past mistakes in translation, typesetting, overall flow, etc. Hopefully, it’ll make the earlier chapters more enjoyable to read and less confusing for those who are new to the series.

Anyway, (imaginary) curry mushrooms for everyone. \o/

~ Rin, Zageron, Zhalfirin, Fembot ~

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S2, Ch19

14 Responses

  1. WE’VE CAUGHT UP!!! *giggles uncontrollably* Hurrah! Thank you guys! Long live! *runs off to read the chapter*

  2. Thank you!
    If you redo earlier translation, please include some sort of changelog, so I can focus on the fixed stuff. 🙂

  3. Yay, that was a big surprise! Thank you for the releases!
    I really think that this chapter was the best in the whole Season 2.
    The faces of Leez and Ran were priceless!

  4. Hahahahahaha, the faces at the end of the chapter were hilarious xD Thank you very much!! 😀

  5. Nice job, thx guys. Now I will spam your site each Monday/Tuesday for a new release.

    Best regards

  6. Thanks for the chapter (aww, Yuta is so cute here), and congratulations for catching up to raws!
    You are awesome!

  7. Thanks ~ Rin, Zageron, Zhalfirin, Fembot ~
    ;D 2nd release in a day! *clapped, grin and laughed* I’m so happy!!

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