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  1. …. YAAY! I was Just thinking “wah, no Kumpera!” And here we have 2 chapters! *__* Oh my gosh, this counts as catching up already (allowing a delay for the current week’s chapter)! *CELEBRATE!!!*

  2. How come Currygom suddenly make the raws on naver private?

    I know that she’s denied requests for people to fan translate her open novel(the finite) on the grounds of it being “very personal” and translation violating her privacy.

    But this appears like a passive move to throw off non-korean readers(including translators?)

    I could be very wrong about this, but if I’m not, I guess she means ONLY Korean people when she says “personal”

  3. Uh, cross that, it’s not set to private anymore. It could have even been a glitch in the system. I apologize for raging fast,
    I still hold my opinion because of Currygom shutting out non-korean fans by not approving The Finite fan translating on the grounds of it being a personal work(when it’s on a public Korean blog)

    1. Drummer,
      what stops The Finite from being translated and posted on batoto is a ‘no-redistribution’ policy, not a ‘no-translation’ policy. For whatever reason, currygom wants no post from her blog to be taken and re-posted anywhere else (this includes all translated versions). So no, currygom is not purposefully shutting out non-Korean fans.
      In fact, currygom’s awareness of the The Finite translation shows that surely she must be aware Kubera is being scanlated; the fact that she has not done anything to stop this shows a silent endorsement, or at least a condoning, of scanlator efforts and the existence of a foreign fanbase.

      1. Ah, i had it wrong. Thanks. And that’s true, I’d expect some kind of a word from currygom if she was unhappy about kubera being scanlated. I’m guessing she sees the finite translations or any form of re-production from her blog as a breach of personal space, and perhaps she feels the readers would appreciate the work completely(or differently) if they’ve been following everything on the blog instead of just translations.
        I love kubera and what the author’s doing and I know it’s too much to try and judge the author’s wishes, but even if it’s extrapolating the reason from given bits of facts, it helps me appreciate the author(her personality) more.

  4. Oh my gosh thank you so much! Does this mean that the releases were making up for the missed days? Or does it make up for this Friday and Monday releases too? Sorry if this is confusing! But thank you anyway! You guys are amazing! And dear gosh Ran is a complete idiot *facepalm*

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