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  1. lol way to go to out do them. they do one u guy do two.( your is better scan and graphic too to boot)

  2. Oh. Where is my precious chat box? i can not write CuUuUuUuUuMPeEeEeEeEeRaAaAaAaAa any moar:(

    1. I think they got rid of it because there were too many trolls filling the chatbox with MangaPirates nonsense. D:

  3. Thank yooooou! Two chapters at once, and they’re Way awesome! We’re so near the end of season 1, thank yooooou! *__*

  4. Don’t go giving me heart attacks in the morning!
    I love this series, so thank you so much! 😀

  5. High quality as always. Kubera is easily my favorite ongoing comic in any language right now. What is Currygom`s release schedule for season 2?

  6. Oh my god I’m Crying…

    Those chapters were so touching

    Anybody else wishing for romance between those two

    Thank you

  7. You guys are seriously fantastic! Thanks for all the excellent work you do, Kubera is the absolute BEST!

  8. I’m so happy about two chapters… but a bit sad because pretty soon, you’ll have caught up to the raws and… NO MORE KUBERA DOUBLE RELEASES!! noooo!!!!!!!!

    Anyway great job as always!

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