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  1. Thank You!
    Can someone tell me: is the 100th ch the last or just the end of the volume?

  2. Super duper Awesome chapter! Thanks a whole lot! <3 <3 <3
    @first poster: Season 2 starts in July.

  3. Now I think if Leez`s friend from her village thinks that Sagara is sexy… xD
    Another thing, maybe the students from the universities where Miss Agwen teaches could thank Maruna and Kasak for letting Agwen to feel the same pain what they mentally felt. Otherwise I feel sorry for her, her father is a cold beast…
    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. I’m a pretty big supporter of you Curry as well as you guys.
    I know unwanted advice is the worst but I do want to help.

    A piece of advice – http://www.anonym.to when you link to the author.

    This will keep Naver or whoever else from linking back to you on their side- which could possibly lead to a DMCA.

    Or I could just be paranoid because I love the series so much.


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