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    1. You’ve seen him before in this arc, think about a pink sura.

      Thanks for the quick release 😉

    2. I think it’s Shess, from the Kinnara clan, we’ve seen him talking with Gandharva in chapter 68.

  1. … wah… It’s early! We love you guys! 😀 Yay, Pony! And yes, I can’t wait for next chapter either! 😀 Heh, I guess Brilith is kind of happy after all? xD

  2. The pic already has me wondering! Can’t wait to see what’s inside!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. THX, I really appreciate u ppl are doing Kubera. Hope U can release as many chapters as possible till the S2 starts.


  4. Man, what a great chapter! Brilith and Agni *chu*, and the three heroes from the fairy tales: My Little Pony, Sailor Santa Pi-pi-pi and the big, bad, black dragon. Ow, Currygom is the best!
    And you, the scanlators too, thanks for the fast release!

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