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  1. Yeees! Thank you! Ho, so that’s what they were saying, that was actually pretty interesting. Poor Agni though, he wasn’t her reason. x’D

  2. Despite Agni being the single most awesome character in the show (IMO) I am quite sad that Kubera Leez isn’t appearing much.

    1. Yeah yeah, I miss her too. Just be patient for about 5 more chapters or so. รต_รต

  3. Now that I read the chapter I can safely say that Sagara is scrwed, Not only that Agni belives he can win when Brilith doesn’t have any vigor but especially now that they got the staff of painful fiery death. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I belive he was always a badass, he just never showed it.

      The thing that is more interesting is when will kubera take a leve in badass, if you look back at chapter 35 you can see for sure that she will eventually become one, the only question is when.

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