Kubera Ch51

Enjoy the chapter!
Also, I’m going to mention it again (and in the chapter itself), that Kubera is scheduled for release on Mondays and Fridays. It seems not many readers knew of this, so we’re re-emphasizing it again. If we’re late with a release… well… then, you have my permission to direct all of your mob-rage and anger towards Trebor.
I’m totally not shifting the blame here.

~ Rin, Zageron, Kroll, Fembot ~

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8 Responses

  1. Awesome, great release.

    I was worried ,that there wasn’t going to be a release today. I so totally did not feel sad by that.

  2. Poor Trebor. xD Thanks so much for the release! This one had a lot of information, so it was really interesting to read! I wonder why Sagara wanted power so much?
    …. Smelly Foot Attack! xD

  3. Thank you!
    Really! You guys are awesome.
    Gah! I love Kubera so much!

    Almost as much as I love you guys~!

  4. Thank you for the new chapter! One chapter remains and Maruna will return. I`m mad about his muscles. xD

  5. I started reading Kubera because of boredom, then I got completely caught up with the story and the characters. Please, keep up the good work! Now I love Kubera more than my favourite manga series. XD
    Thanks for the releases!

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