Kubera Ch50.5

Sorry there was a bit of a delay on this chapter (still made the Friday deadline in my timezone by 10 minutes though, lol, woo~~ \o/). Enjoy the chapter, it’s another Goobera special! 😀

~ Rin, Zageron, Kroll, Fembot ~

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16 Responses

  1. Whoo, thanks! 😀 Wow, I just realized that these “special” chapters are probably harder to translate than normal ones. All those names and stuff. D: Why are Curry Mushrooms ranked so low? @_@;;

    HAHAHAH! Getting into debt! What a real-life problem! Uh… is God Kubera pretending to be a kid in this setting? Fail. xD

  2. Too bad i wanted my weekly Kubera not Goobera…
    It’s not possible to skip this shit and only translate the real chapter?
    I can’t understand how you can enjoy something so shitty…
    Well good work i guess for giving us something to read.

    1. There are only 3 Goobera chapters total. Surely you can live with that? Besides, the scanlators probably think that it’s better to let the readers decide for themselves whether they enjoyed the side story or not, rather than deal with complaints along the lines of “Why didn’t you translate the extras? I wanna know what they’re saying!” and have to answer “they suck anyway, we know better than you, so go away!” every time.

  3. I agree but we want the real story more than “Goobera” so even if you don’t release the side story as long as you release Kubera we can’t complain and everyone will be happy.
    A bit of peace for the world

    1. You’re not a “we”. Don’t assume for everyone else. Some of us want to know what the side stories say even if we want the main story “more”, so we’d rather wait 3 days more to get more of the main story rather than never ever get the side-story at all.

    2. Zerop, you can’t really generalize with “we”. What you want may or may not be what other fans want.

      I don’t see what the problem is; we’re still scanlating the main story of Kubera. It’s not as if we give priority to the side-story chapters or to the main-story chapters. We take what we’re given and present it in the same order. As such, we want to both respect and represent Currygom’s work the way she intended it to be shown, side-chapters and all.

      Some may argue that the side-chapters have no value or purpose, but that’s not for us to decide. We’re here acting as a medium to scanlate the entirety of the story for an English-speaking audience, not to judge whether or not certain chapters are worth our time. Besides, in the long run, we’d rather give the fans more, not less. And as Mizura has said, the fans can decide for themselves whether or not they enjoy the side story.

      Just think of it this way: the Korean fans had to wait an entire week before getting back to the main story… why shouldn’t you? 🙂 (Not that you’ll even have to wait an entire week, anyway. The next chapter will be out much sooner than that).

      1. Actually I reaaaaly enjoyed this extra chapter,it was so funny,and I’m not that sad that I couldn’t read a normal chapter today, so I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to read it! love you guys! 🙂

  4. Hahaha seem like i’m the only one who’s depressed by the fact that We won’t read Kubera today or should i say yesterday ^^
    But patience isn’t my ennemy so i’ll wait again hoping that there’s nothing that get on the way this time for an awesome chapter.

  5. Thanks for new Goobera! It’s funny 🙂 and helps to guess who (wa-a-ay later) might become a romantic character here 🙂
    If my voice matters, I vote for translating extras.

  6. I’m also a fan of the side chapters… I personally love “the life of Goobera”, its a great comedic break from the regular chapters and gives us a chance to see the characters in another setting…. So thanks for translating them!

  7. I never imagined that this special chapter will be so full of blah-blah, but I like this Goobera kid. xD
    Thanks for your hard work!

  8. Well, I join the group who really enjoy the Goobera chapter! Very funny XD Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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