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  1. Heh y they really look like zombies! And also loved the gorilla author (it somehow fit here with those gintama-like faces :D)! Tnx to all for the chap Now i can sleep Well! Zz

  2. lol, I can already tell this chapter is gonna’ be awesome. Thanks for the awesome work guys.

  3. If this signifies a new trend in the release rate for this series I am twice as appreiciative as normal, which is quite appreciative.

  4. Loved this chapter.
    the “kyaaa” scene during te movie made me laugh a lot.
    Bet everyone was thinking Taejin was a pervert xD

    Like the ending too. Now they are starting to look like a couple 🙂

  5. Some sticky stuff got on her leg. I wonder what the other movie goers were thinking. 😀

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