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  1. YAY, say first?


    Because I hope to be the first to comment, I am going to make my very first comment here on your website.

    yeah I am weird…

    Anyways, it´s been 17 days now since you released the last chapter,

    so I am really happy now and thankful to see the new chapter out.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this release!!! We fans really appreciate your awesome work guys :).

    Chu <3,


  2. Glad I let Lala post first. He’s so happy. Thanks for ch 36, guys. This was a great day: chapters of ToG AND GB!

  3. Moooooore Green Boy!!!!

    thanks a lot for another great release, keep up the good work.

  4. I didn’t even realise this was out! IT wasn’t on baka-updates and I saw it on WebtoonLive’s list of newly released stuff by other scanlators

  5. Awesome! Thanks for another great chap of GB. I can’t wait to see past 45 when it gets to look really interesting. I can’t read Korean but I could understand some of what happened. SO I’m really looking forward to more TL’s of GB from you guys.

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