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  1. Yay! thanks for the quick release! I cant wait xD
    Too bad it seems like you almost caught up to the series!
    I hope they release as often as you guys release the scanlations!
    Thanks for all the hard work ;..;


    1. In the actual raws it’s just labeled as a side-story and not chapter 22, so for the sake of keeping it consistent we decided to just call it “21.5”

      However, the reader/uploader didn’t seem to work with decimal numbers very well, so we had to upload it as chapter “22”… Though it’s not chapter 22. ^^;; Sorry for the confusion about that.

      Unfortunately, the bad thing about this too is that it’ll trickle down to the next chapters, and chapter 22 will probably be called “23” on the reader, and etc. But the correct chapter number/title will always be in the blog title, so you can refer to that instead. 🙂

  2. Curses. Go ahead and laugh now that you’ve ruined our little happiness with your evil machinations.

    Thx for chapter 22, er,21.5 I mean, twenty-one and one-half. This will not end well.

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