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  1. Thanks crew!

    That girl is not at all conniving like I thought she was. I really have to stop looking ahead at the manhwa when I don’t know Korean. -_-

  2. wait…SPOILER!!! (sorry , how do you add tags?)

    w-h-e-n- -d-i-d- -t-h-e-y- -s-a-y- -t-h-e-y- -w-e-r-e- -g-o-i-n-g- -o-u-t-?-

    so confused. BUT THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER!! love this manhwa

    (edit by grumpy: there is no spoiler tags here… best to avoid spoilers entirely in wordpress, stick to the forum)

  3. Just started reading this series, its so goooooooooood x.x
    MOAR! xD
    Thanks for letting leech ;..;

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