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  1. Thanks for your work. 🙂
    It seems quite interesting, looking forward to more chapters

    (btw, it’s paid, not paied 😀 -even this text box’s word checker agrees :D)

  2. Ahaha, am I the only one who noticed that girl’s ringtone was Soft Kitty from The Big Bang Theory? ^-^

    1. OMG FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE THAT WATCHES THAT SHOW!!! but fem noticed it too.. >.> but she has a personal connection to that song so i guess thats not fair…

  3. What do you mean, ‘due to lack of popularity’?
    See how ‘unpopular’ this is on http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=62029

    Same on MangaFox

    I’ll bet if you look ANYWHERE, a mere two chapters has a high rating ONLY. No-one’s voted it down.

    Bring it back, please.

    Or I’ll have to learn Hangul.
    I’ll translate from Japanese for you.

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