The Bullet Saint v01

Hey, Nuralataion here, bringing you our first release of The Bullet Saint.  It’s pretty awesome, so check it out.  =^)

Scanlation English
Download Vol 1
Read Online Vol 1

Sorry I don’t have cover photo for you guys. This release is bound with few others in a single book so that the publisher can keep costs low and ease sales. And this didn’t get the front page being a new one. 😛

New to the scanlation process, as of now can do cleaning/typesetting (although the quality is questionable =^P). I enjoy most genre's of manga/manhwa/anime/etc but Id/ToG is def. one of my top.

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  1. you know it was pretty good and you all know that i hate to whine but i wanted more chapters. Also can you let us know what new series you are going to translate in advance

    1. Lol, I didn’t even know we were doing this till I got a msg from Grumpy asking me to do it.

  2. question: baka-updates has this complete at 34 volumes, and also beginning in 2008. how did this series come out with 1 volume a month?
    are they using small volumes? is the author capable of telepathically imprinting his thoughts onto pages? seriously.

    1. Yes, they are thin volumes. But 34 full sized volumes are possible 2 in years. There’s are non-weekly series from a single authors that pulls off way more than 34 vols in a single year.

        1. xD gl
          though i did thought this was a new manga
          just add another awesomeness to this manga

  3. I just read the first chapter, really awesome but what a cliff hanger. Will there be anymore updates soon?

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