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Up and Down… Up and Down…

Well, perhaps I moved over too soon. There are lot of things I need to get installed on the server before it’s running in full production. So you may see this website not responding from time to time. It shouldn’t be too long at any point. Hopefully I got everything and no one has to […]

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Site’s back up.

WOOT Well, I guess it has to go down before it goes back up… But if you’re seeing this message, you are connected to the new server! Yay~ I don’t think we’re in Houston anymore Toto… We’re in Kansas! (Well, Kansas city) So, I’ve decided to waste your bandwidth as well with some image. xD

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OH NOEZ!!! I’m moving hosts and this site will go down…. At best case for about 1 second (Which is what I’m aiming for). But you should know…. In case it’s down for a whole day or something. When? Uh… I haven’t really planned when yet. Just that I bought the new hosting already. I’ll […]

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