Hello everyone, this is Grumpy.

This place started out as just me scanlating manhwas that I loved and were stuck, soon people helped out and became Grumpy & Co. And now we have been renamed to The Company, emphasizing the Co. part and removing my name from the group name.

General Note on Rehosting

If you are hot linking to any of my things, please link the page with the link instead or this website rather than the file itself.

Everyone has permission to immediately rehost, reuse and/or modify and it’s derivations from my versions as long as credit is given to each person(s) that worked on it. It is sorta like CC-Attribution. Why “sorta”? Because these works are not really legal public release to being with. These are fan works intended for fans. But, do note that this only applies to our releases, not other’s releases who are using my work (or joint). Additionally, lot of stuff being linked or hosted by me is actually not a property of my own. Therefore, obviously, I have no right to give any rights on its usage.

Note on Re-translation and Proper Crediting

Our method of requiring credit is a lot more lenient than usual, but we’d appreciate it if the guidelines are followed.

Easiest way is to simply leave the credits page as is.

Credits page does NOT need to be intact. But in such event, please adhere to at least one or more of the following:

  • Give a link back to this website so people can find the creditor(s).
  • Credit the names of each members who has been involved in the project you are taking it from. This means, if you are using a final release, you need to INCLUDE people who did TS, QC, and cleaning. Not just translator. Everyone pitched in to make the product what it is, not a single person. If you are getting a translation only (and getting raw from elsewhere), only crediting the translator is fine. If you are getting the cleaned version, credit must be given to the cleaner and so on.
  • The two above can be either noted on your website, your source of distribution and/or inside the package of comic itself.

Please do NOT identify the group as Grumpyland. That is the name of the hosting.

Legal Note

Please note that these are fan works by fans and for the fans. The content is not sold in anyway and will never be sold. If you are the copyright holder of any of these work and do not wish for it to be hosted, redistributed or linked here, please leave a note via PM me on this website (requires registration) or email me (grumpy at grumpyland) and I will remove them asap from this website. Additionally, content’s characters and etc. are a property of rightful authors and artists. We in no way claim ownership of borrowed content.