Green Boy Ch58

Moar GB too. Enjoy everyone! Next chapter’s gonna be awesomeeee.

~ Kareia, Kento, Fembot ~

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  1. canisferus says:

    Ohh GB overdose! Thx for Ch 58, guys!

  2. ame says:

    Wah! 2 chappys out so soon? Thanks so much!

  3. Dass Jennir says:

    Thankl you!

    Taejin is fucked: Accept the challenge and get beaten or don’t accept and Jane will know what happened…lol

  4. D933612 says:

    Thanks for the new release!!

    I don’t think Tae Jin is exactly f****d, I mean, another girl kissed him, it isn’t like someone saw him going to a hotel with her.

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