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Super Mass Release! ToG 1 year anniversary!

Jimmini jillickers Batman! A mass release!!!

That’s right folks, it has been 1 year since we picked up Tower of God and it was one hell of a ride that just won’t stop. Is that something really worth celebrating? Who knows, who cares…

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Maria Holic v4ch21

I wonder why MH chapters are so long… I also thought of replacing Elro’s credits… but got lazy.

Anyway, enjoy. ~Grumpy

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Maria Holic Ch.20

Maria Holic Chapter 20 presented by The Company’s Nuralataion, Elrohon and Trebor, feat. Wnee

Yay! First post on wordpress (thanks FuBuLy for the help!)… well, creativity died trying to figure out how this worked so have fun reading the chapter! 😀

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Maria Holic, v4ch19

Hello folks. The person who should be writing this release is Elrohon, not me. But, I’m still doing it. Maria Holic is a new series from us after we’ve inherited it from CXC Scans due to Elro’s love of this comic. This series is quite different from our usual. Rather, it goes off in a […]

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